To those who wish they wrote more

August 07, 2021

When I mention to others that I have a blog, I often hear, “Oh, I have a blog too. I just wish I wrote more…” in a somewhat defeated manner. With applications like Medium, Substack, and to some degree, LinkedIn, professionals feel an obligation to be prolific in their writing. I think this reasoning is flawed in two primary ways, one obvious and one not so much. The obvious reason those who like to write don’t do as much as they wish is that they have a job, and it’s exhausting to both do that job and to write.

The other reason is that although people such as myself have a compulsion to write, the rationale behind publishing such work is less defined. Personally, I write because I like to read what I write. It’s narcissistic, I know, but I think I’m funny and I think my essays are often funny as well. I derive value from my blog in three primary ways:

  1. I like to reread what I write, and the formatting my website template provides is a nice experience.
  2. I like to give others a glimpse into my psyche because I believe it’s atypical and therefore of interest to some.
  3. On occasion I publish ideas that resonate with others, providing words to explain feelings to one’s conscious mind.

So to those who wish they wrote more, I say this: reflect on why you like to write, and publish work that resonates with what you value.

© 2022 Duncan McIsaac