I'm Feeling America

June 03, 2020

I’m Feeling America

How do you feel?
I feel the pain of millions
This is what America feels like
And it makes me want to throw up
But that’s counterproductive
I need to show up

America is a collage
But when the cops look at it
All they see is printer paper
They only look for marks
Arrest as white-out

It’s like a warzone
Inspired by the “strongmen”
Acted out by the weak men
Hiding in their bunkers
Afraid of diversity
Afraid to face the angry faces of adversity

Police tatter the Constitution with rubber bullets
Trample on your right to protest with horses
Fight the peace with bombs and gas
They want to make you cry

Peaceful protesters attacked like insurgents
America’s military is bored
We’re waging a forever war on terror
When we run out of terrorists we just make some more
We have a democratic republic
Slipping into a fascist republic
The preservation of democracy is abhorred

It’s quite explicit
That if you are complicit
You’re trying to make America nevermore

Qualified Immunity

Qualified immunity
Quantified impunity
The courts need to make room for peace
For we the People will not be mollified
By police and officials underqualified

America Is A Child

America is a child
It can learn
We can teach it to yearn
For a new take on its fathers’ words:
“We the People”
“All People created equal”
Let’s make a sequel
That ain’t the prequel

© 2022 Duncan McIsaac